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Friendly Fire Attack at Southern Afghanistan Front Line

According to Business Insider, soldiers of the Afghan National Army mistakenly open fired on a patrol of Afghan troops and American advisers on March 13, 2019.

The targeted troops were planning a night raid outside of Tirin Kot, in Uruzgan province. The Afghan National Army soldiers were stationed at a checkpoint in southern Afghanistan. The Army launched rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire, which led to US-Afghan airstrikes of the checkpoint. The ensuing battle lasted for several hours, causing injuries or deaths to 14 Afghan soldiers.

A US military spokeswoman described the tragedy as a result of the fog of war, where the soldiers were working in a complex war environment. To confuse their enemies, Taliban fighters routinely launch attacks wearing stolen Afghan Army uniform or using their vehicles.

The site of the incident was considered to be the practical equivalent of being on the front lines. Also, the outpost was on high alert, because a Taliban attack at a similar outpost left 50 Afghan soldiers dead or captured.

At our law firm, we grieve the death and injury of these soldiers. We are well aware of the unpredictable and guerilla-style nature of the war against the Taliban insurgents. We know that many civilian contractors working in these environments suffer from both physical and psychological injuries, both of which are compensable under the Defense Base Act