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New Year’s Changes

When we think about the new year, we think of possibilities of what we can do in the upcoming year?

What can we do differently?

What have we wanted to try, but have been unable, or unwilling to do so?

The best resolutions are those which are easily obtainable, and only require small changes in behavior. Sometimes just a different point of view will facilitate this change. An extra visit to the gym this week, or an extra day of eating healthy is enough.

Working in a workers’ compensation law firm has taught me a lot about how people are able to do new things. When clients come to my office, they are often at a difficult point in their lives. They are not sure what the future will bring. Will they be able to get back to work, continue with their current job, or even have the ability to work in their usual profession?

Fortunately, there are lots of resources for helping out injured clients with their “new year.” Vocational assessments are great for identifying skills and talents. Workers’ learn to use their existing mental facilities and experience, rather than their ability to perform physical labor. Job retraining and education are ways in which people can transition from one industry to another.

Most of the time, workers use the talents they already have, rather than making a huge, dramatic shift in their career. A warehouseman can transition from a job requiring a lot of heavy lifting, to a logistics position which is more computer-desk oriented. A custodian or hotel maintenance worker can transition to a job in retail or customer service.

Here at Kenneth G. Franconero, PLLC, we wish everyone an upcoming year full of new experiences and changes!