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Employers Attempting To Keep Workers’ Injuries Quiet

Injuries in the workplace are common. That is why worker’s compensation exists, and when everyone cooperates, the system can be a lifesaver. However, as Mother Jones recently reported, many large retailers are attempting to keep the lid on workplace injuries, and that is a major problem. In fact, the Obama administration is looking to finalize a rule that would make businesses report all workplace injuries to a public database. The hope is that the system would allow red flags to be spotted, in terms of workers’ safety.

As one might expect, big corporations are strongly opposed to this simple reporting rule. Though it would assist injured workers as well as the government, companies such as Walmart, McDonald’s, Target and others are spending big money to ensure this rule doesn’t come to pass. The Coalition for Workplace Safety, a giant organization including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has spent $30 million opposing the rule. These large corporations argue that keeping these records would be burdensome and costly.

Of course, this argument against the law is faulty. Companies already keep similar records of workers’ injuries, so that they can report to workers’ compensation insurance carriers. The rule would allow workers to see potential dangers at a company, and would help OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) do their job with regards to workplace safety.

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