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Lawsuit Filed Against G4S and Others for Illegal Taliban Funding

According to a report from CNBC from January 2, 2020, a complaint under the Anti-Terrorism Act was filed in a federal court in Washington D.C. on December 27 on behalf of 385 U.S. military and civilian personnel injured or killed in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and their families.

The lawsuit alleges that G4S Holdings International and its subsidiaries, and four American corporations provided funding for the Taliban, Haqqani Network, Pakistani Taliban and their allies.

According to the complaint, these companies either provided ‘protection payments’ to the Taliban or knew about payments to the Taliban. The Taliban would then preserve G4S’s businesses in Afghanistan and divert attacks away from their business interests. The end results of these alleged “payoffs” is further casualties and loss.

These allegations if proven true are very disturbing. This alleged contact further demonstrates the Afghanistan contactors’ compromised ethics and “profit at any price” mentality Our firm is experienced dealing with military contractors in the context of workers’ compensation claims, where military contractors often are concerned with the bottom line rather than their employees’ well-being. We are available to answer any questions you have about your Defense Base Act (DBA) and other civilian contractor claims.